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Ruby True Bagan Hotel

Relaxing Garden Atmosphere / Private Verandas

Our hotel is surrounded by large gardens with lots of season flowers and all of our rooms have private Verandas. After a pleasant yet tiring sightseeing trip around the Magnificent Bagan, you can have a relaxing time in our peaceful garden atmosphere. Ruby True Hotel is equipped with all the modern facilities to satisfy all our guests’ needs and also has a traditional touch with Cheik design Bamboo walls and furnishings with teak The name “Ruby True” was selected because the ruby claims pride of place among Gems of Myanmar that are world renown. Equally precious is the high standard of service we reserve for our guests and thus, “Ruby True” is the quality we assure to our guests.

Myat Lay Road,New Bagan,
Phone: +95-61-65043, +95-61-65065, +95-9-254443453, +95-1-2302475